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Welcome to Webhostingdom’s privacy policy! Please read carefully!!!

1. Introduction: Webhostingdom analyzes all types of hosting companies along with their distinct hosting plans. We usually suggest people regarding the assets and liabilities of their plans. We deeply look into the privacy of our users and also safeguard your data with full confidentiality. This privacy policy mainly outlines our privacy strategies like what data we collect, how we use and secure your data, and liberties regarding your data. Before operating or accessing any of our services, make sure you have thoroughly read and understood our strategies for handling your data. While using our services, you fully admit that you have agreed with our privacy policy.

2. What data is collected?

Webhostingdom shall regulate all your personal data provided by you during registration and what you share with us afterward.

2.1) Users information

This is the information that you provide to us while accessing our platform. We process your personal information only for legitimate and specified purposes. These are the minimum information that is required for a contractual partnership between you and us.
1. Sign-up and login information- When you sign-up to Webhostingdom, you need to provide limited details like your first and last name, email id and password, contact details, and identity verification.
2. Identity verification- Before completing your registration, Webhostingdom can ask for identity verification like a national ID card or another document for security purposes (it is according to the rules outlined by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
3. Payment information- When you use our features like web hosting, domain name registration, we may ask you to provide a few financial details to process payment. We practice third party authentication for processing payment.
4. Chats and communication- We assemble information whatever you provide to us.

2.2) Information we gather when you go through our platform

When you attempt to contact us via any communication channel, we have full access to gather the information you have provided us.
1. Usage data- We use several tools to gather information regarding your activity, such as the content and pages that you have viewed.
2. Geo-location information- Through your IP address, we can collect information regarding your approximate location.
3. Device information- Automatically we gather data like Internet Protocol (IP) address, Internet service provider (ISP), browser type, date/time, and operating system data) when you browse through our page.
We deal with your information on the legitimate basis of your consent and for the fulfillment of the contractual commitment between us.

3. How do we use your data?

We gather, combine, process, store, and use the information that you provide us. We create a trusted environment that abides by legal obligations.
1. To recognize and identify- We safely deal with the personal information of our user. We gather data and process them safely. We provide you with effective content.
2. To create and strengthen a trusted environment, we verify and cross-check your provided data (such as email id, personal information) to avoid fraud and illegal activity.
3. To connect with you – We provide you the best service to stay connected with us. We put effort into making your browsing experience more satisfying. We notify you instantly to troubleshoot and resolve your problem related to your account.
4. Service and billing messages- We will communicate to send you a reminder as well as a warning regarding your existing and upcoming payment. We will notify you promptly about the upcoming plans and any changes in it.

4. How do we secure and retain data?

We sustain a data retention policy for the safeguard of your personal information. We do every possible thing to secure and protect your data.
1. We cross-examine your information to safeguard them
2. We conserve all the personal information provided by you
3. We use third-party authentication for processing any payment
4. We strictly maintain privacy while dealing with your sign-up and login information, service and billing information, geo-location information, chats, communication, and device information.

5. How can you access, update, or delete your data?

1. We give you full access to update, delete, limit, and amend your personal data by logging into your account. You can contact us whenever any doubt comes to your mind.
2. If you are already a Webhostingdom user and want to make some changes and corrections in your personal information, we are just a message away from you.
3. We will take every reasonable and satisfactory action to respect and honor your request quickly. We will provide you with our skilled assistance on your request.
4. We handle your personal information provided by you and various sources like third-party service providers, social network operators, and additional legal sources.
5. We usually retain your personal data until it is necessary to provide our services to you. You shall also request us to wipe out your personal data and shut down your Webhostingdom account.

6. Age restrictions

There is no restriction for your age. But there is an age threshold for buying a domain name. The minimum age restriction for purchasing a domain is one month. You can lengthen your monthly subscription according to your requirement.

7. Changes to this policy

We can make changes and may update this policy whenever it is necessary. We will immediately reach up to you with updates and changes. You will completely acknowledge whenever any change is made. New updates and changes will be clearly visible to you.

8. Data Protection Authority

Webhostingdom has enforced so many security measures to safeguard your personal information that you share with us. We provide HTTPS access. We regularly keep track of our system for avoiding possible vulnerabilities. We also request you to set a strong password for your account to protect all the sensitive information. We secure your data with utmost sincerity.
If you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, you can reach us at

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