Inmotion web & wordpress Hosting- A Good Comparison

Inmotion Web Hosting

If you are one of the amateurs who is browsing for the best guide and companion for your workload, then a detailed web hosting review might help you to draw a conclusion over your dilemma.

You must have heard the name Inmotion. It is the most promising and undoubtedly the best web host for small business.

If you are planning to start a new business, then what can be the better option than Inmotion. It does not matter whether you run an unpopular business, or you are a neophyte. Your company lacks only one thing, and that is a backbone like Inmotion.

Inmotion reflects so many incredible features in its packages. One after another, amazing features are stacked up just for you. The advantage of choosing Inmotion is gigantic.

inmotion web hosting

1) Inmotion pricing:

All the above, you are concerned about the Inmotion pricing, right? Pricing is something that can’t be sacrificed after all.

Inmotion brings the best and the most inexpensive plans at your doorstep. Normally the basic plan charges $7.99 per month. It comes along with free SSL certificate installation, free domain, free and limitless email.

2) Inmotion hosting coupon:

If you are a new registrant, then an exclusive offer is waiting just for you. The idea of Inmotion hosting coupon is specially made for you.

Before jumping into any Inmotion package, apply the hosting coupon and you will get a relaxation of a vast amount. You can get up to 57% discount. That’s an awesome deal, right?

3) Inmotion hosting uptime and faster loading speed-

It is one of the major scepticisms of customers like you. If we talk on an average term, then Inmotion hosting uptime is 99.95%. Overall the uptime is stable. Moreover, Inmotion provides you with the timeliest loading speed. You don’t have to bite your nails and wait for hours to get a response from the server. Its fast loading speed will save precious time and increase your SEO ranking as well.

4) 90 days money-back guarantee:

Does anyone prefer any web host who does not give allowance to the money-back guarantee? A handful of web hosts give 30-45 data money-back assurance.

To your surprise, Inmotion provides you with 90 days money-back guarantee. You may access any of the Inmotion packages for the first 90 days and draw a conclusion after that whether you want to continue or discontinue.

5) Inmotion hosting renewal prices:

One thing you must know in a crystal clear way that you can utilize the Inmotion hosting coupon only once. The initial pay structure might seem the cheapest one to you.

After the first contract, you have to burn some extra cents as Inmotion hosting renewal price differs from the initial pay scale.

6) Customer support and intensified security:

Waiting for replies to some important queries is tiresome, isn’t it? You can reach Inmotion customer service through live chat or email anytime. Their customer support is extensively incredible and their prompt response will resolve your problem within finger snap. Or else, you can go through so many user guide’s articles that are already available in Inmotion portal.

Inmotion provides you security in each step. It not only keeps on updating but also safeguards all your sensitive data from online theft. Its enhanced security is really remarkable.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting

When the best and promising WordPress-specific hosts show up, Inmotion is the finest choice for you as it offers you the best and cheap WordPress hosting. There are very few web hosting sites that offer you a feature-rich reasonable WordPress package, Inmotion stands tall among them.

Inmotion WordPress hosting review will answer all your dilemmas related to its platform-specific features, performance, support, pricing and so on.

So without further fuss or delay, let’s get started.!

inmotion wordpress Hosting

What is Inmotion WordPress hosting?

WordPress is open-source, which supervises your business strategy efficiently. In simple words, with the help of WordPress, you can easily create your own website or blog. Then what is so special about Inmotion WordPress hosting?

Inmotion offers your excellent WordPress hosting. It also delivers you extraordinary performance, enhanced security and great reliability, not to mention, always takes care of your pocket…!

Let’s discuss in details:

Key features and specifications:

1)Pricing of Inmotion WordPress Hosting:

You will never jeopardize when the question comes to an expensive package. The first and foremost thing you crave for an affordable and yet best deal, right?

Inmotion offers you the best and yet inexpensive packages. There are several packages you can go through them. These all are cheap WordPress web hosting.

  • WP-1000S ($4.99 per month): This is a reasonable plan among all, where you are allowed to host a single WordPress website. You can undoubtedly say that it is perfect for personal use, it also comes with a free domain.
  • WP-2000S ($8.99 per month): This is the average plan which offers you to host two websites simultaneously. It is perfect for those who have started or planning to start a small business. The important thing is that Inmotion offers you SSD storage up to 80GB in this price segment.
  • WP-3000S ($11.99 per month): It is the premium tier package among the three, where you are allowed to host up to three websites successively. It also offers you more SSD storage (120GB). It is the best package for medium to large business strategies.

Definitely, you will not find a better competitor for Inmotion WordPress hosting, as the packages mentioned above reveal that Inmotion WordPress hosting is the best cheap WordPress hosting service in the present days. Point to be noted, Inmotion is the only one that offers SSD storage in this price segment, which is surely a plus point for using Inmotion’s services. You have to pay monthly for WordPress hosting.


2) Features:

If you have liked the Inmotion WordPress hosting service pricing, then let’s talk about some of its features. As mentioned earlier, the cheap web hosting WordPress service. Some other features are mentioned below, which will surely be helpful for you.

  • Pre-installed WordPress: Inmotion offers you pre-installed WordPress, a handy tool that enables fast and easy website development.
  • Unrestricted plugins: In Inmotion WordPress hosting service, you are provided with various plugins with no restrictions. You can choose eCommerce or other plugins according to your need.
  • BoldGrid Builder: Using BoldGrid, you can build a stunning website just by drag and drop method. Also, there are free themes available for different categories, and not only that, there are options to customize them easily.
  • WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI)support: If you are a severe WordPress developer, then you might want to use WP-CLI support to improve your website even more. Here comes the privilege of using the Inmotion WordPress hosting service, as they offer you WP-CLI support for the advanced users.

Keeping in mind, there are several features both suitable for a newcomer and a cutting-edge user. It can be stated unhesitatingly that Inmotion WordPress hosting service is one of the best compared to other web hosting sites nowadays.

3) Storage, performance, uptime and loading speed:

To be precise, this is one of the major concerns of yours, correct?

Performance, uptime and loading speed are significantly excellent. Inmotion never compromises on its performance and loading speed.

It empowers you the fastest loading speed. Its performance is terrific. Altogether it is a great deal for you.

Inmotion offers you solid-state drive (SSD) storage. It not only stores unlimited stuff but also cuts down the loading speed.

Its unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage are pretty incredible and provide you with 99.95 uptime. Inmotion is a Diversified and highly skilled web hosting service for you.


All’s well that ends well, right? Inmotion package, pricing, storage and performance are top-notch. The last thing we are left with is customer support. Inmotion is just one message away from you. Their prompt reply and impressive customer support deserve appreciation.

A helping hand is extended continuously towards you. Irrespective of time and number of queries, always feel free to put your questions, doubts and queries in the live chat section or else send via mail.

Pros and cons of WordPress web hosting:

Let’s take a glance at its advantages and drawbacks once more.


  1. It offers you a budget-friendly WordPress package.
  2. Inmotion’s proficient customer service team is very cognizant about your issues and gives a response to your doubts less than a minute
  3. Provides a humongous and excellent feature-rich package.
  4. 24*7 customer support is available.
  5. Its performance is extraordinary.
  6. Provides you unlimited and unmetered bandwidth and storage.
  7. On an average basis, excellent uptime with fastest loading speed.


Though you can’t uncover any loophole specifically. But if you are a long term WordPress hosting user, then the feature might seem less progressive to you. Apart from it, at times the server may get slower.


Long story short, this brief inmotion hosting review possibly has answered all your questionings and has furnished you adequate reasons to go with Inmotion plans only. Inmotion is the perfect resolution for your business strategy. To get started with your small and unpopular business, Inmotion is the most optimistic web host.

Refrain yourself from second thought because your business strategy deserves the best WordPress hosting by Inmotion.

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