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Hostinger SSL Certification

Safety and security are the second most fundamental necessities in everyone’s life, as first will always be the basic needs. Now, don’t you think your website needs a secure and safe platform? Obviously, it requires an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

All the websites crave for security and protection. SSL certification provides your domain with an extra immunity against data theft, message forgery, and so on. SSL certification also awards your domain to achieve better visibility in the search engine result pages (SERP).

After all, the client’s trust always remains at the top of the priority list. You can obtain an SSL certification that will safeguard your domain. It will encrypt and protect all the sensitive data from third parties. On top of that, it will attract more traffic to your site by broadening its visibility.

hostinger ssl certificate

Want to accelerate the strength of your domain? 

1)Grab a free SSL Certificate 

Most of the service providers give you a great deal regarding SSL certification. You can find the same in Hostinger because it not only gives SSL certification but also within an affordable range.

When anything comes free, how does it feel? Advantageous, right. Our web hosting plan offers you a free SSL certificate. You can stand out in the competition by adding an SSL certificate to your website. Choose any of our web hosting plans, and then you can easily grab a free SSL certificate.

Our web hosting plans give you additional access to free SSL certification. You can obtain an SSL certificate for domain and subdomain. What are you waiting for? Go and snatch our package and switch your domain to HTTPS.

2)Buy a cheap SSL certificate to secure your website

If you are not willing to fetch any web hosting plan, we also have an alternative way. Why don’t you buy our cheap SSL certificate?

You only have to pay an affordable amount to activate your lifetime SSL certification. You can also claim for an annual subscription. Both of them come at an affordable rate. Our SSL certificate costs are much cheaper and inexpensive.

You should never compromise on the protection and security of your website. We provide you with standard security plans and mobile browser support, which is compatible with all the browsers. We also provide you with the SSL certificate for domain and subdomain.

How to install a free SSL certificate on shared hosting?

You can also install a free SSL certificate on a shared Hostinger account. For that, you have to follow some essential steps.

  1. First of all, go to our SSL free homepage. Put your website’s URL, click on establish a free SSL Certificate, and then move forward.
  2. Cross-check your URL before proceeding ahead. Then enter your email and generate a strong password.
  3. Make sure your domain is authentic, and then you can install your current certificate.
  4. You can choose a free 90-day certificate or an annual plan. Choose any one plan accordingly and then proceed further.
  5. If you prefer to fill your personal information yourself, then deselect Auto-generate CSR and click on next.
  6. Finalize your decision and select your affordable plan.
  7. Go through the verification method and proceed.
  8. After you are done with the verification, click the certificate on your Zero SSL menu.
  9. Download the SSL certificate. Proceed to generate three pairs of keys- CRT (Certificate), KEY (Private Key), and CABUNDLE (certificate authority bundle).
  10. Go back and access your SSL in the advanced section and search for the Custom SSL.
  11. In that provided box, type the keys that you have obtained. Then click on install.
  12. After completion of your installation, your SSL details will reflect in the list of installed SSL Section.
You have to follow these easy steps to generate an SSL certificate. If you struggle while going through this, we are just a message away from you.

How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate?

When it comes to security, how can you forget Let’s Encrypt? It is one of the best platforms to generate an SSL certificate. As you already know, Secure Sockets Layer or SSL protects your sensitive data from any third party.

To install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, you have to go through a minimum number of steps.

  1. First of all, go to the cPanel by accessing active domains like http://yourdomain.com:2083 or http://yourdomain.com/cpanel.
  2. Let’s Encrypt SSL icon will be visible to you when you proceed to the security category.
  3. As soon as you proceed to the Issue a New Certificate arena, click on the +Issue button.
  4. Then you have to click on your domain name. After you are done with it, mail the server. Then select HTTP-01 and confirm.
  5. Once you finish it, click the issue button.

After finishing off these steps, you will receive a confirmation message from our side. If not, contact us promptly.

Please keep in mind that free SSL certification will terminate after 90 days. Let’s Encrypt gives you 90 days free access only. You can go to the portal of Let’s Encrypt to renew the certificate again. If you want to avoid this hustle-bustle, you can buy our affordable package for an SSL certificate.

Why should you have SSL certification for your domain?

You must have SSL certification as it will uphold your website to the massive traffic. It will give your website authentication and will provide additional security against a third party.

  • Improves website security- It will provide security to your domain. It will also safeguard your domain against cybercrime.
  • Increase traffic and sales- It will boost your client’s trust and seek the attention of a lot of netizens. Ultimately, it will expand your business.
  • Increases credibility- It will provide security to your client while carrying out any online transactions.
  • Improves SEO ranking- Automatically, it will improve your page ranking and expand your page’s visibility to cybercitizens.
Without making any delay, claim and generate an SSL certificate now. Follow a few basic steps for Hostinger SSL certificate activation and make a good impression of your website in front of your audiences.

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