Hostgator Pros And Cons: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You

HostGator Pros and Cons

A plethora of questions like is HostGator safe, how good is HostGator are hovering in your mind, right? These are the obvious questions that come to anyone’s mind before buying any web hosting package.

This honest and genuine HostGator review related to its pros and cons will dampen all your doubts and help you to have a firm decision at last.


HostGator is one of the major reliable platforms for hosting websites, especially for business sites, to amass more and more online traffic. Over the past few years, HostGator has managed to stand amongst so many reputed web hosting companies.

The massive engagement and commitment of HostGator helped so many marketing strategists to achieve their targeted goals. HostGator is the perfect arena for executing your marketing strategy.

Go through these HostGator pros and cons and find your way to the best web hosting service.Hostgator Pros and cons

HostGator Web Hosting’s Pros

HostGator reflects so many appealing features that are directly associated with its bright sides. The following are the pros of HostGator that makes it a better hosting service.

1) Unlimited storage:

First things first, it provides you with unlimited storage access, disk space, and bandwidth. That means you will get enough space to compose and restore all your relevant records. Hence, no storage limitation for your website. Thus, it makes it possible for your websites to entail all the needs timely.

You will get a free SSL certificate installation. If you opt for a premium or upgraded plan, you will get unlimited storage, bandwidth, and multiple email accessibility. Very few web hosting services give you unlimited storage access. HostGator never leaves an opportunity to provide you with a reasonable and timeliest web hosting opportunity.

2) HostGator domain coupon:

There are also special HostGator coupon codes offered mostly to first-time users during their first sign up. It is comparatively less than what is usually charged. This is one of the best ways to show gratitude and welcomes more customers to host their websites on HostGator. HostGator domain coupon gives access to you to opt for a free domain name.

This very particular thing is attracting more and more cyber citizens to get associated with HostGator. However, after renewal, it is important to note that the discount falls, and the price returns to the regular charged price. On the other hand, the renewal rate is also low.

3) HostGator pricing:

HostGator never disappoints you regarding the value of its packages. Its packages are the cheapest, affordable, and yet the most affordable package in the recent outline. Its packages are not only affordable but also come with so many variant features.

Another important benefit is to note that HostGator offers a free migration of the site for new customers who want to enrol their website. This means that when it comes to transferring from other hosting companies, HostGator gladly simplifies and makes sure no charges are incurred during the transfer process, especially for new users like you.

HostGator provides you with affordable and budget-friendly packages. Whether you are a newbie or an expert, you can easily opt for all the packages offered by HostGator in any of the cases. There are several other plans available for you. According to your exact need, you can prefer any of the HostGator packages.

4) HostGator 1 cent coupon:

During the first month after enrolling, HostGator 1 cent coupon is granted to you. It permits you to enjoy better with incurring expensive charges. It is a great deal, as you can access their best and top services. By doing this, HostGator has managed to acquire and gain more customers who on regular cases are found requesting for transfer request migration.

5) 24*7 customer service:

HostGator has kept its door open for you to resolve all your queries, questions, and doubts. Irrespective of what time it is, HostGator customer service is always available for you.

Your messages will be answered promptly. You can contact HostGator customer service via live chat, or you can put your doubts in email.

6) Excellent uptime:

Who wants to drain out their battery by putting extra efforts into a slow and unstable web host?

HostGator is again the best substitute for this. On an average basis, HostGator comes with 99.95% uptime. You don’t have to burn extra time to surf through pages.

7) Others features:

HostGator also offers excellent customer policy. For example, they offer progressive documentation that entails all the relevant messages connected to the websites.

Hence, you are kept updated, and HostGator shortly informs you about any changes regarding the plan.

In terms of security, HostGator assures you that your website is granted the most secure domain that will remain private to the other website users.

8) 45 days money-back guarantee:

HostGator allows you to access its hosting plan for the first 45 days freely. In case you don’t like it, you can discontinue and get your full payment back.

9) Final thoughts on HostGator deals:

HostGator never steps back when issues and questions pop up regarding the services provided to you. Taking care of your website’s protection and security. HostGator deals are the best way to strengthen your website’s strategy. it empowers your website with 99.95% uptime. It delivers you perks of features like unlimited storage, free SSL certificate installation, unmetered bandwidth, multiple email access, and a free domain name. The Control panel interface is very easy to access.

HostGator provides you with the best and affordable web hosting plans at the palm of your hands. Its customer service is available all the time to resolve your queries. HostGator safeguards your website and your sensitive data in every possible way. It keeps updating its plans and tries to serve you a good HostGator deal with the flow of time.

HostGator Web Hosting’s Cons

HostGator hardly reflects any drawbacks. However, you may find these issues sometimes.

  • Data backup requires additional payments.
  • At times, the server may respond lately.
  • The customer response may get delayed due to unavoidable reasons sometimes.


HostGator is one of the best and affordable hosting provider. I hope this review has informed you of all the essential features of HostGator and why it is the best option as compared to other hostings.


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